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Fresh. Fast. Fun.

Who We Are 

Phelps Concessions, founded in 2012, is a concession and catering operation based in the Southern Maryland area with a satellite base in Mobile, Alabama that provides specialty menu creations to several fairs, festivals, and events locally and regionally. We are known for several creations that have been featured across national media outlets and programs  that include, but are not limited to, items such as our Krispy Kreme Donut Cheeseburger, Cheesy Bacon Bombs, Maryland Crab Fries, Texas Toast Grilled Cheese BBQ Sandwich, Maple Bacon Soft Serve Ice Cream and more. 

Our team is passionate about bringing unique and eccentric menus to our customers at some of the regions most prestigious events. We also proudly operate routes that offer a  classic event menu selection and a catering department for local specialty events.  We look forward to you enjoying some of our award winning Hand Cut Boardwalk Fries and a glass of ice cold Fresh Squeezed Lemonade or one of our crazy creations at an event near you soon! 

Thank you to our loyal customers for your support! 

What We Do

Here at Phelps Concessions our goal is to efficiently provide quality food to our patrons at a reasonable cost. We provide our products and services via one of our concession trailers or tent stands at events of all sizes across the Mid Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas. Our menus can accommodate most events; they range from our Classic Selections to our "crazy" Fair Food Menus.  In addition to concession vending at Fairs, Festivals, and community events, we offer catering and contract food services as well for many event types.   

What We Stand For


We are committed to providing the best service and products available to our customers. As trusted partners to some of the regions most prestigious events, our commitment is the backbone to our operation.


Food and Safety quality are our #1 priority at Phelps Concessions. We Work tirelessly to provide the best quality products and procedures for our patrons. 


Service with a smile is our standard. We enjoy our work almost as much as we enjoy the people we serve. We wouldn't be here without our supporters and we will never forget that.