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Southern Maryland Fair Food Drive-Thru

The Fair is cancelled...... The food is not!

While it is a huge disappointment to hear about the cancelation of Southern Maryland Fairs this year, we are finding joy in being able to bring lots of fair food right to you! 

Our next event:

What: Fair Food Drive-Thru

Where: Calvert County Fairgrounds (Prince Frederick, Maryland)

When: October 2nd-4th and October 11th-13th 

Fridays 4-9pm      Saturday's 12-9pm  Sundays  12-8pm

Drive-thru fun for everyone! All are welcome! 

NEW MENU ADDITIONS FOR CALVERT COUNTY INCLUDE : Pizza Hotline, Pit Beef, Pit Ham, Pulled Pork, Loaded Baked Potatoes and more!!! 

Come out and enjoy a classic Funnel Cake, Hand Cut French Fry, and Freshly Squeezed Lemonade or go fair crazy with a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cheeseburger , Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich, and some Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries! 


-Classic Eats-

Italian Sausage 

SIZZLING Italian Sausage served with grilled peppers, onions! 

Greek Gyro 

Seasoned Lamb served in a warmed pita with Lettuce, Tomato, Tzatziki Sauce, and Red Onion 

Grilled Chicken Pita 

Grilled Chicken served in a warmed pita with Lettuce, Tomato, Tzatziki Sauce, and Red Onion  

Chicken Tender Basket 

You're never too old for a Chicken Tender Basket with handcut fries. 

Hand Dipped Corndog 

Never frozen 100% beef hotdog. Hand Skewered, battered, and fried to perfection. 

-Only at the Fair!-

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cheeseburger

"It's like if a Luther and a Shackburger had a threesome with a fried egg" 

- Ann Limpert, Executive Food Editor/ Critic- The Washingtonian 

(Ann said it best so we just leave it to her)

Texas Toast Grilled Cheese Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich 

Homemade pulled pork piled in between two pieces of buttery, cheesy Texas Toast.  

Cheesy Bacon Bombs 

Our original creation. We hand block mozzarella cheese and wrap the blocks in bacon. Hand skewer and deep fry to perfection. 3 bombs on a stick per order.

Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls 

Our twist on a south Philly classic. Seasoned and seared cheesesteak and cheese hand rolled in egg roll wrappers. Served with house made fancy sauce. 

-Hand Cut French Fry Factory-

Hand Cut French Fries 

Your french fries were a potato one minute before cooking. dusted with salt after exiting the fryer. 

We don't participate in the ketchup/vinegar war so you can have them both.

Cheesy Bacon Fries

Hand cut french fries piled high and smothered with cheese sauce and sprinkled with real bacon crumbles. 

Crab Fries

Hand Cut Fries piled high and topped with our Maryland crab dip (yes there's real crab meat in it). Dusted with Old Bay and parsley. 

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Fries

You guessed it... Hand Cut Fries piled high... this time topped with buffalo chicken bites and ranch dressing! 

Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries

Hand Cut Fries piled high and tossed in ranch seasoning, drizzled with melted white queso, and topped with chicken, bacon, and , well, ranch. 

-Sweet Treats-

State Fair Funnel Cake

Fair Classic! Handmade funnel cakes dusted (or piled) with powered sugar! Strawberry or chocolate toppings available! 

Deep Fried Oreos

Our Oreos take a bath in funnel cake batter before going for a dip in the deep fryer to warm up!

Deep Fried Twinkie

Our Twinkies got jealous of the Oreos so we started giving them the same treatment. 

Dairy Kone Soft Serve Ice Cream and Treats!! 

-Thirst Quenchers-

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Real Lemons. Real Sugar.

Hand Squeezed.

The way it should be. 

Sweet Tea

It's called sweet tea for a reason- its sweet! Fresh brewed before adding real sugar to sweeten, of course!