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Your Concession and Catering Professionals. Guaranteed.

Our Specialties.. delivered to your neighborhood!!  

Please see the attached letter below and Contact Us today to book! 

To whom it may concern:

I am writing on behalf of my locally owned small business, Phelps Concessions. Phelps

Concessions is a catering and concession operation that provides specialty menu creations to

several fairs, festivals, and events locally and regionally. We are known for several creations

that have been featured on the Discovery Channel “Carnival Eats” program that include, but are

not limited to, items such as our Krispy Kreme Donut Cheeseburger, Cheesy Bacon Bombs,

Texas Toast Grilled Cheese BBQ Sandwich, Maple Bacon Soft Serve Ice Cream and more. My

team is passionate about bringing our eccentric menus to patrons at some of the area’s largest

events. We have had business come to a grinding halt during this unprecedented time as all

large gatherings have been canceled to combat COVID-19. As an alternate method of

generating some business and connecting with our community, we are looking for

opportunities to partner with local neighborhoods who may be interested in a change of pace

in their dining options for a meal. If your neighborhood community is interested, I would like to

bring a concession trailer right to your neighborhood on a specified evening to provide different

dining options that may not be available via your favorite local restaurant. Although we do

specialize in “crazy” menu options we have simmered down our offerings a bit while keeping

some fun options. I am attaching a sample menu for your review.

Health and food handling safety is naturally a concern, especially during these difficult times.

Here at Phelps Concessions, as a preferred vendor among some of the largest events the Mid-

Atlantic and beyond, food handling safety is our #1 priority. We proudly pass daily health

inspections at various events we serve. Socially distant ordering, payment, and pick-up measures are implemented

across our operation to stop the spread of illness. We have also implemented intensive PPE

measures for food handlers and staff.

I look forward to hearing from you and I truly appreciate your support of my small business.

Jeff Phelps